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Why Everything At LEGOLAND Florida Is Awesome

LEGO fans flocked to the LEGOLAND Florida gates to get their chance to win the most beloved toys of the year. Under bright hues, families were able to pose with large sculptures that portrayed Albert Einstein as well other famous characters such as dinosaurs and Darth Vader as southern belles watched from afar and smiled brightly as they didn’t need them anymore because of an awesome promo campaign by our friends from there who made it possible once again.

These are some reasons to visit LEGOLAND Florida.

1. Interactive Attractions For Children

It is indeed an interactive park that is interactive. Ford Driving School allows children to drive mini-cars on two-lane streets with roundabouts and stop signs. They also have the option of creating their own LEGO cars or programming computerized robots using Mindstorms. It’s not just about having fun. There are plenty of options that can get you out from behind those tu-quoque wheels for one reason or another (whether it’s due to your child’s need for more exercise than what he/she gets daily while his pal has been busy when they have free time).

While little ones will love playing around in the DUPLO Village or the barn, older children can play in the Forestman’s Hideout and Pharaoh’s Revolt. The Land Of Adventure has an interactive section with laser guns that you can use to create your own adventures.

2. Roller Coasters

Coasters are not only for thrill seekers. LEGOLAND Florida offers a variety of roller coasters to keep your heart beating and make you laugh. Their California sister park is home to four rides, while the Florida location has three. While this might be a disappointment for some visitors, it will not hinder them from enjoying the variety of attractions that are available at this location in Hattan. This includes Coasteraurus that is a wooden attraction based on dinosaurs, or Flight School, which is suspended steel structure that has something unique because of the airborne aspect of it.

3. Cypress Gardens

The old Cypress Gardens is home to some of the most unusual and beautiful nature. The park’s opening was in 1933, but it became famous for its huge Banyan Tree that stands among 39 other magnificent trees on the property . There are also southern belles sporting hoop skirts or water ski shows where skiers would create dangerous human pyramids as they skied across Lake Heloise during warm summer days . Back then, it wasn’t common to see people having fun outside doing things other than working inside our buildings due to temperatures as low as 35 degrees is not uncommon throughout the year.

4. Water Ski Show

The battle for the Brickbeard’s Bounty is an exciting show that will have you cheering and gasping. Miss Miranda and her imperial soldiers battle Captain Brickerhead’s pirates a series water ski tricks, jumps, and more. You will get splashed in the initial five rows. Make sure to protect your mobile phones and cameras from getting wet as much as you can.

5. LEGO Brick Creations

Miniland is the star attraction at every LEGO park. The sculptures are constructed from 50 million bricks that bring to life iconic structures and buildings across the globe. Uniquely imaginative features include representations on Miami Beach as well as Kennedy Space Station among other places not too far like Daytona International Speedway or Key West which is why it’s an ideal place to visit even if not a fan of playing sports all day long.

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