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Why Do Businesses Use Windows Server?

Microsoft has developed a brand new server application specifically designed for small businesses with only a few IT requirements. The software is known as Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2. It’s specifically designed to help small-scale companies reduce time and costs. It offers central device control tools that can easily access from any location via a Web browser, mobile application or desktop. There is no requirement for costly data lakes, like the other options.

Microsoft Server Essentials offers a excellent solution for small companies with less than 25 employees. It’s easy to set up and manage, doesn’t have any unnecessary features that can slow down your infrastructure (like the enterprise level tools), but it also has lower prices which means you don’t require a second tool on top of all this expensive stuff when just running a small business.

Let’s take a closer look at Windows Server Essentials and how it can be utilized for your business.

1. What are Windows Server Essentials and how do they work?

Microsoft’s latest product targeting small businesses is Windows Server Essentials. This solution, which is simple to use, demonstrates Microsoft’s dedication to serving this segment of the economy. Users don’t require any knowledge of IT or know-how and are able to access it from anywhere.

2. It’s simple to set up

Microsoft Windows Server Essentials simplifies the process of creating. The users are walked through a simple setup guideline and all the details are explained along the way to make sure that it’s as simple, straightforward & smooth of an experience as possible.

3. Easy Management

The Windows Server Essentials makes it simple to manage servers within our organization for employees who are not IT professionals. The dashboard is straightforward and organized well and makes the task of monitoring the servers a breeze.

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How Do You Use Microsoft Server Essentials for Your Business?

Windows Server Essentials has a variety of amazing features that are both easy to use, and super-useful. These include:

1. Shared folders

Windows Server Essentials can help to share files in directories that are shared. This is a crucial element of server technology.

2. Users and Groups

Users and groups allow users to share files with others in the same way. This permissions system permits members of an organisation to share documents. But they need permission from the administrator or their department head.

3. Integration with Hosted Services and Apps

Microsoft has made it simpler than ever before for businesses to host Windows Azure and Office 365. This is achieved through an intuitive dashboard, where users can select the services they require without needing any technical expertise.

4. Storage

This useful feature lets you to easily manage the server storage you have by permitting it to be handled as a pool instead of individual drives. This makes it simpler and more convenient for Windows Server Essentials customers who need easy access to their information from every device.

5. Remote Access

Remote access is a great method to let employees to work remotely. The Windows Server Essentials package provides a quick and easy way to set up secure connections that employees can utilize on any device.

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