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What Is Latency and Its Causes?

Latency measures how long it takes for your computer to react to actions, such as clicking on the link. For the majority of users, this isn’t a problem with the quality of their streaming video or Spotify listening, but if they play games, there could be significant issues with latency as well , since satellite internet works with greater speed than wired connections, so those who play games might experience poor performance due solely from high rate of loss of packets caused by lengthy pings.

The latency of your input is the sensation you get from your input (in this instance, an anchor), and how fast it is delivered to other users. So that if you’re playing video games or watching YouTube videos online , then latency will affect responsiveness as well due to the possibility of things to not be completely exact with regards to timings based upon the speed of their fiber optic cables which bring them into our homes so that we can be able to experience them for ourselves.

What causes Latency?

Gamers and end-users could experience latency issues. Your latency is affected by the distance between your computer and server. Additionally, Wi-Fi strength or type may affect it. Also, you can have an effect on the modem/router combination you use there are lots of choices! Don’t be alarmed if it appears to be a bit complicated at first.


The term “latency” refers to the amount of time required for information to travel from one point in time to get to another. This refers to the distance between your computer and the server(s) and how much data you’re seeking from the machine. If this distance is not sufficient, there will be an increase in the latency.

Propagation Delay

Propagation delay, the primary factor in determining the amount of latency you experience when browsing with your laptop or desktop is vital. It affects other metrics for bandwidth and connection speed like speed of downloads (which depend on the reception of data packets from where they were sent) Uploads that rely on having an active network card. The same holds true for wirelessly connecting.

Different types of Internet connections

There is a huge variation in the latency of the different kinds of internet connections. Cable, DSL and fiber all have lesser latency that satellite. Satellite’s architecture means that it requires more space to transmission. This leads to long wait times, and also better buffering capabilities on websites you’d like to access, such as videos or audio.

What’s on a website?

Did you ever click on a link only to have to wait for a few minutes before it loaded? It’s because someone was trying too hard on their Angelfire page. They had glued The Office memes all over it, so now every time go there it is longer than usual.

When you browse a website which contains large files such as HD video or images, your web browser has to download all these items. In the event that they’re stored on a server which is located far from the site you’re visiting at the moment there will be some latency due to the distance.

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