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What Are The Features Of the Taxi App?

It is essential to have an efficient mobile service for your business in order to remain competitive in the market. Technology has brought numerous innovations over the past few years. Taxis are no exception. With the rise of competition from cheaper transportation providers such as Uber-like services or car rental companies that offer similar amenities at a lower cost while offering superior customer service as the majority of traditional taxi companies do, being able to adjust quickly enough to set your business apart from others out there trying to launch their own version of the service too.

There are many types of taxi apps on the market. A specific type is specifically designed for the established companies and ensures that customers can book their rides quickly along with an expanding customer base also helping drivers find the most affordable fares quicker than ever before.

The developers recognized that passengers and drivers have different needs, which is why they designed two applications. This offers better-customized features for each of the participants, providing you with an the unique opportunity of getting just what you need without any distractions or interference.

The Driver Apps must-have features

In a world where taxis continue to be challenged by increasing competition an important aspect in maintaining customer loyalty is ensuring that drivers have access to and full control of their app. Driver-friendly features allow new customers as well as existing ones to focus on their tasks with less hassle, which will result in better service delivery for everyone.

Vehicle Tracking System (GPS).

The drivers prefer mobile apps that reduce their efforts and provide the best practices. GPS tracking systems track the location of the person in question, however when they are shared, it is much easier for drivers in need of finding them at any given moment because he or she will be aware of where family members are.

The Availability Button

Drivers can now utilize their smartphones to mark themselves ready to accept new requests and get information. They will be notified whenever there’s a new request. This allows them to locate a new fare as well as any other information, including whereabouts.

Driver Dashboard

With the new feature, drivers will now be able see how they rank against other participants in terms of overall performance, and gain valuable statistics and insight on their trips. You can also see feedback from other riders and identify whether there are positive or negative remarks.

Email and SMS Alerts

The cabs will receive important notifications from their passengers via email or SMS alerts. They will also be able to respond to these inquiries with an acceptor decline option by using a user-friendly interface which is advantageous for both parties involved in the transaction.

Begin/End Ride

Maps can be a simple way to get to your destination. The map will reveal where the pickup and drop-off locations are, making it much easier for everyone involved.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

A person can make a request for transportation and receive an instant response. If the driver doesn’t respond within 15-30 seconds of receiving their notification through the app then that means there’s no other vehicles located in the area which could take them away.

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