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Saudi Visa Types: Business, Visit & Work Visa

It’s not easy for people who want to visit Saudi Arabia due to all the recent changes to visas. This article will provide all the information about the visa needed for Saudi Arabia entry and how to obtain it by a port of entry.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

1. Visas for business and commercial reasons

The business/commercial visa is the most common and easiest type of travel visa for Saudi Arabia. The visa permits individuals to visit Saudi Arabia for their own business or for their organizations as long as they have been invited by someone already operating in the country’s markets. The process of applying for visas is entirely on the internet at any time prior to your departure date , as that you meet some requirements, for instance having sufficient funds deposited with the company that will give you funds on request when you arrive within the country of your choice.

Anyone who wishes to bring family members along to attend an event must first go through the security checkpoint. Then, they need to wait with patience while the office conducts its business. It could take about a month or three months according to the length of time it takes. All plans have been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices in town. Invitations will be sent out with no surprises or delays. You’ll be happy that someone special will arrive soon.

2. Visit Work

Be aware that you won’t be compensated directly by Saudi hosts when you apply for an official business visa. This is due to the fact that the US employer only pays one part of a business Visa. If this is something that you suspect that they may have committed a mistake, make sure their request for a visitor’s work permit has been submitted before coming to Saudi Arabia. But remember: the application is still going through the channels as all other applications are, so be prepared for some adjustments in dealing with Embassy personnel.

3. Government Visa

A government-sponsored visa is by far the most requested and most simple visa for working. This type of permit could be obtained through a visit to various Saudi Arabian government institutions or their associated personnel at the embassy during the application process and, in addition, less documents from the person who is applying for the sponsorship will be required in order to be eligible for this type of sponsorship. It usually gets processed within 1-2 business day and is completely free.

4. Family Visit Visa

A family visit visa is extremely difficult to obtain as it requires documents that establish your relationship with the person you are visiting. If you’re planning to visit grandparents, you’ll need birth certificates as well as marriage certificates. However, what’s more important is the relationship that has been established between parents and children. This kind of travel document has a huge impact on your spouse.

5. Visa for Residence

The Residence Visa is intended for people who wish to move or settle in KSA. This kind of visa is issued by the Ministry of Interior and it’s associated directly with the Iqama card, which means you’ll need an employment-based permit also. They’ll mail you an invitation with a yellow color. However, it is vital to study the whole process.

6. Work Visa

Saudi Arabia has a difficult process to obtain a working visa. The most challenging visa is the one which requires that you be employed by your employer and receive benefits. This is only possible if your employer offers direct hiring. This means that most you will have to search through different recruiting agencies before being considered for employment by one firm.

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