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All You Need To Know About Website Design Trends

Mobile First

Developers and designers are starting to build more websites that have focus on mobiles since the majority of their revenue comes from mobile. Developers and designers who are working in web design or web development should have some previous experience with designing mobile sites. This is due to the fact that it makes it simpler to design apps that fit smaller screen sizes.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

April showers bring May flowers which is why we’re witnessing a trend of rounded corners and more vibrant colours on web pages. Just like in elements of design like avatars for profile inputs or forms; backgrounds have also transitioned away from 90 degrees angles. This has created interest by presenting interesting angles that keep your visitors engaged for longer than they were before. It is important to ensure your website is in line with the latest fashions. This will help build confidence between potential customers as well as you.

More animations, interactions and interaction

jQuery and other web-based technologies are helping to make animated websites more popular. These scripts help your site become more than just a place to read printed text, but also offer interactivity between the user and elements on the page, something that was once limited only by the possibilities you could create with images prior made available to the world wide web.

Web sites are becoming more interactive. While not reverting back to the 1990s-style design, page transitions and sliding information panels can be employed to make your website seem more lively. These methods increase the level of interactivity and can drive visitors to activities that generate revenue, which could result in an increase in per-visit (RPV).


The use of the HTML 5 video tag is growing commonplace as businesses seek to maintain their website traffic and not move them off-site. With more platforms available for video hosting (including streaming), businesses are able to handle this better than ever before. By using these tags, the videos of companies to be seamlessly integrated into their websites and give an increased number of players.

Video Backgrounds

Due to the increasing popularity of videos as backgrounds, you can utilize the power of video backgrounds to your advantage. This will improve customer engagement. Video backgrounds can increase the conversion rate of your website as they give more information about businesses in a smaller size than traditional pictures. This makes it much easier for customers to watch videos even if they do not have a great deal of reading.

Backgrounds in video are a great way to increase brand awareness and improve the return visits. This is beneficial for any kind of content, including video marketing and eCommerce content strategies.

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