The Best place to travel in summer

The Best place to travel in summer

The Best place to travel in summer

Agra, India

Home to the Taj Mahal, Agra is on many traveler’s lists. And although it costs around $43 to enter, the surrounding area is relatively inexpensive.

It is definitely a well-known destination, so if you want your Taj Mahal shot, be sure to go in the morning. Considered to be the jewel of Islamic art in India, it was built by Emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his wife – likely one of the biggest declarations of love in the world.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a great budget destination for the whole family.HARJINDER SINGH KUKREJA.

This Eastern European country is home to many universities and travelers can feel the student atmosphere throughout. The red bricked city offers culture, amazing parks and greenery.

World traveler, chocolate enthusiast and Sikh activist Harjinder Singh Kukreja jets around the globe with his family of four. Follow his delicious adventures on Instagram.

 Buenos Aires, Argentina

With gorgeous architecture and a great food culture, Buenos Aires is at the top of every cheap travel list.ANNA MAZUREK.

There is no city in the world as intoxicating as Buenos Aires. The streets are lined with grand European-style architecture, cozy cafes and endless parks. The staples of life in this budget friendly city are steak, wine, empanadas and ice cream.

I fell so in love with Buenos Aires on my first visit in 2015 that I came back two months later. In January 2018, I  returned to my favorite city for a month to work on my first book project and escape the American winter. Three cheers for the Southern Hemisphere.

 Gobi Desert, Mongolia

The Gobi Desert is hard to get to, but the views and nature are worth the trek for a budget traveler.ANNA MAZUREK.

My obsession with the remote corners of the globe led me to Mongolia this year. I spent two glorious weeks bumping around in the back of a blue Russian van named Boris. To cut down the cost of our tour to $50 a day, I asked my guide to find other travelers to join us and made a great group of new friends!

Through the windshield, we watched as paved roads faded into dirt tracks and the scenery transformed from the barren Gobi Desert to lush green forests. We had the place to ourselves a majority of the time even though it was peak tourist season. Mongolia is one of my top five trips of all time and despite the distance, cheaper than a summer trip to Europe.

Anna Mazurek is a freelance photographer and writer based in Austin, Texas. For more about Anna, check out her new book Good With Money: A Guide to Prioritizing Spending, Maximizing Savings and Traveling More and follow her adventures on InstagramTwitter and on her blog, 

 South Africa

Although activities like shark cage diving can be expensive, in general South Africa is a great budget travel destination.HAIFA BESEISSO, FLY WITH HAIFA.

I was blown away by the beauty of South Africa. It’s a very diverse place in terms of its nature, people and activities.  One day we were hiking up in the mountain and the next day we were diving with sharks in the Atlantic Ocean.

Coming from Dubai, I was so surprised by the extreme low cost of Uber and transport there. The food is also fairly inexpensive, as well as delicious. If I could, I would visit South Africa every year.


Although Zanzibar has high-end luxury resorts, you can still find a deal in this gorgeous African country.HAIFA BESEISSO, FLY WITH HAIFA.

Zanzibar is one of my favorite destinations! I am so in love with the ocean there and the people. Zanzibaris are so much fun and friendly. While there are expensive resorts there, you can still find some inexpensive bed & breakfasts and hostels in Stone Town that allow you to be right next to the Indian Ocean, where all the restaurants and fun is.

Haifa Besseisso is a Palestinian YouTuber based in Dubai. Her viral videos aim to bridge the east and the west, and are scripted in both English and Arabic. Follow her adventures around the world on Instagram and on her YouTube channel, Fly with Haifa. 


Armenia is one of the Caucus Mountain’s best kept secrets… and with cheap prices, it’s a budget traveler’s dream.ASDGHIK MELKONIAN.

Set in the Caucasus Mountains, Armenia is a hidden gem that’s still untouched by mass tourism , and yet has so much to offer: rich history, wineries, impressive landscapes, ancient monasteries and breathtaking mountains as far as your eyes can see. The capital, Yerevan, is a lively city with wide avenues, delicious restaurants, museums and street markets selling local handicrafts.

Because of my Armenian heritage, I grew up on delicious Armenian food. Some of my favorite local dishes include dolma, khorovats or barbequed meat, and local cheeses with lavash bread. For wine lovers, Armenia is the perfect place to try wines made from different fruits such as pomegranate (Armenia’s national symbol), blackberries and cherries.

Outside of the capital is picturesque nature. You can pay a visit to the oldest winery in the world in Areni, stop by stunning monasteries, or check out the oldest cathedral in the world in Etchmiadzin


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