Best Places To Live In San Diego

Best Places To Live In San Diego

Best Places To Live In San Diego

South Park

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If You’re looking for cool place to leave, South Park makes you up for tight knit community for small business and events. The mother of all Neapolitan pizzas, Café madeleine for a cuppa that feels straight out of Paris

North Park

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In this place you can have a look of Amidst coffee shops, cultural venues, and Craftsman homes, the cool-kids neighbourhood has quickly evolved into an undisputed craft beer hub. Here you can find Median Home at $484,500 and Avg.Rent of $1,910.

San Macros

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This North Country nabe ranks high for his Horseback ride on San Macros though it is situated next to Twin Oaks valley. Here you can afford home at $489,700 and Avg.Rent $2115.It’s Actually located near the Public equestrian facility in San Diego.

El Cerrito

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El Cerrito had a people of 1Lakh and is at the bleeding edge of hipness in terms of San Diego neighborhood’s. This place had number of homes people favorited while searching and the number of hot homes in the area.


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Among this list, this place has a high cost of Median Home $721,000 and Avg.Rent of $3,163.

This year they are making new promotional campaign between the city of Carlsbad, the SD bike coalition and circulate San Diego to raise awareness of the new infrastructure improvements that make it safe for cycling.


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